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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Vid for TVTrope: Moment of Awesome 
2nd-Feb-2012 05:43 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
I put together a vid of some of my favourite Science Fiction TV-characters being totally awesome. Made for TVRealms x-treme trope-icals challenge.

Fandoms: Babylon 5, Birds of Prey, Doctor Who, Farscape, Firefly, Stargate SG-1 and SGA (aka the shows I have saved on my computer and can make vids with :D).

The song is ‘Stand my ground’ by Within Temptation.

Length: 4:27 without the end credits.

Trope used: Moment of Awesome

ETA: Youtube SUCKS majorly! :( It's blocking the vid in certain countries, so I spent the last two evenings/nights trying to upload it somewhere else. Mediafire doesn't want my money and Vimeo hates me. :( I still got it uploaded to vimeo in the third try, but the quality sucks because I had to dial it down a lot to fit the requirements there. :( :( :(
Still I won't recommend in any way to use a proxy like hidemyass.com to watch the youtube vid anyways. Because just pasting the vid url in there and then watching the vid from a proxy IP adress would be wrong. Really, really wrong. ;)

Characters and their moments in order of appearance in the vid:

- Delenn telling the Earth fleet who’s the biggest badass around. Still one of my absolute favourite ‘this is made of awesome’ moments! (Babylon 5)
- River shooting three bad guys without even looking. Wooot! (Firefly)
- Mal listens calmly to the threats tattoo guy utters and then, just as calmly, kicks him through Serenity’s engines. A WTF moment for me, but still made of awesome. (Firefly)
- Amy deducts that the spacewhale is actually a kind creature and won’t harm starship UK, so she forces the queen to abdicate before the Doctor can lobotomise it, saving not only the spacewhale but also starship UK and all it’s inhabitants (and I know that this will sound like just bs if you don’t know Doctor Who, but believe me, this was AWESOME!). Also, she did all this in her pajamas!! You go girl! (Doctor Who)
- Teal’c doing… honestly I have no idea what exactly, but he stops Sam from engaging the time loop thingie and saves the ship. YAY! (Stargate SG-1)
- Sam beams a nuke into a Wraith ship, destroying it – and setting off a chain reaction that not only blocks the supergate but destroys an Ori ship in the process. That’s how I like it! (Stargate SG-1)
- Rose destroying the Daleks. She’ll appear again near the end of the vid, I’ll give more information then. (Doctor Who)
- McKay engaging the ZPM and Zelenka putting up the shield just seconds before the Wraith darts hit Atlantis! Also Atlantis herself is awesome in this, considering that this is the first time her shields are up since a few thousand years ago. (Stargate Atlantis)
- Beckett appears just in the nick of time to shoot the Wraith with a drone, before he can kill Ronon. Also Carson saying ‘He can sue me if he wants’ because Ronon told all of them to keep out of his fight is just funny and Ronon telling the Wraith ‘I WIN’ is pure awesome! (Stargate Atlantis)
- Vala beating up two thugs without even breaking a sweat. And she doesn’t even remember who she is at this point! That’s my girl! (Stargate SG-1)
- Rose again, destroying the last existing Daleks with the time energy she absorbed from the Tardis, after she literally moved heaven and hell to get back to him. That should tell those machos that she is not just the damsel in distress who has to be sent home. Definitely her crowning moment of awesome! (Doctor Who)
- Aeryn shooting the frogprincess. This moment is awesome in itself and her line afterwards ‘Sorry about the mess’ is definitely a crowning moment of funny! (Farscape)
- John and Aeryn telling the Scarrans and Peacekeepers they will NOT BACK DOWN! I cut Peacekeeper Wars down to just this scene, but seriously, the whole miniseries is a crowning moment of awesome for everyone involved. HELL YEAH! (Farscape)
- Helen, Barbara and Dinah being badass together, claiming back their base of operations from Harleen Quinzell. Made all the more awesome by the fact that one of them was brainwashed until recently, one is paraplegic and the third is a teenager who never even used her telekinetic powers before. Also Reese has a little moment of awesome saving Dinah near the end. All in all a moment of awesome for everyone involved! And the original song used for this scene (All the things she said by Tatu) is definitely made of awesome. (Birds of Prey)
- John Sheridan telling the Vorlons and Shadows to ‘get the hell out of our galaxy’! This scene convinced me to try out the show and I was not disappointed. (Babylon 5)
- And finally, Rory Williams (who pretty much IS a moment of awesome all by himself) delivering a message and a question to the cybermen. ‘Would you like me to repeat the question???’ THE AWESOME!!! Period. (Doctor Who)

2nd-Feb-2012 01:19 pm (UTC)
Sounds awesome from the notes but.... GAH! Video blocked by WMG on copyright grounds. :-(
2nd-Feb-2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
Baaah, that's not good :(. I try uploading it to mediafire and hope it doesn't get blocked there. Thanks for telling me!
2nd-Feb-2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
A vid that starts with "If you value your lives, be somewhere else" can be nothing short of awesome! Looking forward to it... (fahrbot YouTube!!)

3rd-Feb-2012 04:17 pm (UTC)
Isn't that line great??? Honestly, still my favourite line of the whole show, and definitely among my top 10 for every show ever. :)

Also, I edited the entry to include the vid on vimeo and a few tipps how to still watch it on youtube, even if it's blocked.
3rd-Feb-2012 05:17 pm (UTC)
still my favourite line of the whole show
A close runner is Ivanova with her famous speech ending in "God sent me" - that one is made of awesome as well :-)

I'm glad I could see the vid, and I appreciate all the trouble you went through. Have you looked at 4shared as well? I'm not sure they offer the possibility to embed video like YouTube and Vimeo, but I know the interface is quite friendly.
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