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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
The moments that made me realize that Farscape is the greatest show I ever watched.  
17th-Jan-2012 01:10 am
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
Okay, first off: THANK YOU LAURA for this challenge. I LOVED IT!

Coming up with these moments was really easy, mostly because I refused to think about it and just chose the moments that first popped into my head when I read the challenge. Also I didn't read any of the others yet (just took a peak here and there) as to avoid 'Oh, they're right, that moment is great too' situations and also to keep original in the picspams if anyone chose the same moments as me.

WARNING: This whole thing is LOOOOOOONG. Blame Laura, she said I could talk about Farscape for points – this is what you get :). But don’t worry, I’ll get shorter with my descriptions after season 2. At least a little. Honestly. *evil grin*

A little descriptive rambling before I start:
I went about this a little differently depending on the seasons. For seasons 1 and 2 I tried to remember what made me go ‘FRELL, this show is GREAT! You gotta keep watching it’ when I first watched it ten years ago.
For PKW I picked the scenes I’ve watched before I got back into the show (as to avoid another ‘you have to live with an awful cliffhanger for nine years’ situation like I had with DMD) and for me, they’re still the BEST moments in TV history, no matter what anyone else says.
The season 4 moments comprise of three words each: ‘Aeryn comes back’.
I thought it would be hard to find any moments for season 3, as it is the season I don’t like that much. Too much angst cumulating in more than one tragic ending. I always hated TJohn for dying on Aeryn – I know it wasn’t his fault and I’m okay with most of the season now but I still can’t watch The Choice. So I chose the moments that stick out for me the most without being spoiled by the bad ending. Surprisingly I ended up with more moments than I thought and choosing between them was even harder than for the other seasons. Guess that’s the way it is sometimes…


Season 1
They’ve got a secret: 'I think Moya’s pregnant'

We’re on a living spaceship that tries to kill the heroes of the show because they endangered it’s unborn baby? How fantastic is that??
From the first time I watched it, I loved the moment when John finds the baby and him, D’Argo and Zhaan immediately switching from wanting to effectively kill Moya to protecting her. *Squee*
Everyone shouting at Aeryn to stop cutting and her putting down the saw at the last moment always makes me cry. Also John brokering a peace with the DRDs is just sweet.
This was the moment that made me really really fall in love with the show. I loved Pilot before, despite him being a puppet, but for a ship mostly represented by tiny yellow robots to be a real character and become one of the characters I love most on a show, that’s something that NEVER happened before. So yeah, this was the moment I realized this was something new and amazing.

A Human Reaction: ‘You made me think you were my father’

It was hard to pick a moment from this episode, because I know that this was the episode I loved most in season 1, but there are a lot of reasons for that. In the end I picked the non-shallow reason and went with the sci-fi approach not the ‘my favourite not-yet-couple is having sex’ approach.
Mostly because that approach plays still a big role here, so there you are :D.
I love this moment for lots of reasons, mostly because it got explained that these are friendly (sort of) aliens who created a familiar environment for the hero to find out the thread level they’d face on Earth. And in my book that’s a storyline you can’t go wrong with. So while the whole episode is great, this is where we get to know why it happened, and in these storylines that’s the most important thing for me. Also, that little alien is CUTE LOL, the giving back of the ring is a *squee* moment, it’s full of symbols (the red door, the ring, the pictures), visually great and there’s fantastic music.
But the one thing that always stuck out for me here was Ancient-Jack casually saying ‘they’re real’, confirming that YES, John and Aeryn indeed got together for real and that just makes my shippery heart jump a beat every time I hear it. YAY!
Also, I love how this seemingly stand-alone episode and this moment in particular turns out to be of HUGE importance for the whole show. Who’d have known?

Honorary mentions:
Premiere: ‘Yuri Gagarin gave you that’ and of course 'You can be more'
DNA Mad Scientist: ‘It was me. The real me.’
The Hidden Memory: ‘This is the radiant Aeryn Sun’

Season 2
The Way we weren’t: 'I just so desperately wanted to see the stars'

This episode was the one that stuck out for me in a season I found very strange and not really likeable at all. I just didn’t get episodes like ‘Crackers don’t matter’ and ‘Won’t get fooled again’ back then and honestly, without this episode and the hope for more like it, I probably would have stopped watching after ‘A Clockwork Nebari’ (which I also didn’t get – yeah, I don’t understand my old self anymore either – those are among my favourite episodes now
But this moment was for me not only a defining moment for Pilot and Aeryn (my two favourite characters) but also a big moment for John and Aeryn’s relationship, which at this point was the reason I kept watching the show.
I love how Pilot is completely caught up in his anger and self-hatred until Aeryn just lowers her gun and offers him the one thing she didn’t offer before: remorse. When she admits to her guilt and offers to let him kill her while pleading for the others and him he can finally let go and talk about his secret and his own guilt.
When Aeryn forgave him and stroke his cheek and he reaches out with his claw, not to strangle her again, but to show her his trust and his friendship that’s the moment I’m usually crying my heart out and her teary smile is always the thing that completely sends me over the edge if I’m not already in shambles by then, which I normally am. Hell, I’m tearing up just writing this. LOL I’m really a crybaby.
But it really is one of the most beautiful moments in the show in part because Pilot really cements his place as a 100% real character of the show. He relates so much emotions with his face here – and that isn’t even real! This scene as this whole episode is the definite proof that it’s nonsense to say he’s just a puppet. Because HE’S REAL! And a better actor than many others I’ve seen. Also of course Claudia Black is stunning as usual.

Die me Dichotomy: 'I hope you meant what you said in the Neural cluster. I did.'

After I got back to really liking Farscape with “Liars, Guns and money” this was the climax and the end of my early Farscape love affair (well, mostly because they cancelled it after this ep, never to show it again).
“I hope you meant what you said in the Neural Cluster. I did.” Enough said. No seriously.
This tore my heart out in a fantastic way. I never believed (or maybe I just didn’t want to believe) that Aeryn would stay dead so this was the line that stuck with me for the nine years I had to wait for the continuation. So much promise in it, so much despair and yet that little glimmer of hope that kept me from shoving the VHS recordings I made of the entire show in the trash.
Also, it’s a fantastic way to show how much Aeryn meant to all of those former enemies and now friends by showing all of their reactions.
And John’s ‘What have I done?’ is just heartbreakingly sad. *cries again*

Honorable mentions:
- Crackers don’t matter: Entire episode
- Won’t get fooled again: Entire episode (can’t understand today why I didn’t like these)
- Out of their minds: ‘They’re here! They’re just HERE!’ and ‘Shoot the damn gun you blue ass bitch!’
- Liars, Guns and Money: ‘You can have anything you want, anything’

Season 3
As I said, after nine years of waiting for the show to continue and knowing that MJohn and Aeryn would get together in the end, this season just felt like a really hard and (in my book) unnecessary obstacle course toward this outcome. I still admire the concept of having the crew split up for most of the season and even more the courage of the producers to go through with this very unusual concept, but at my first watch I was so focused on the MJohn and Aeryn love story that I didn’t realize all the great moments this season undoubtedly has and it still feels like the worst season when I think about it.

But there are some moments I loved and still love and here are two of them:

Suns and Lovers: ‘Are you John Crichton?’

This little scene, showcasing the impression John and his little gang had made in this part of the universe, is still one of the funniest and most poignant scenes of the whole show for me. I really wish there had been more scenes like this – I love the other one in Scratch ‘n sniff too. But for this scene I really love how she talks about this great Crichton who doesn’t really exist (I mean, let’s face it, the destruction of the Gammak base was a lucky shot and born out of despair, the Nebari bataillon was exactly ONE Nebari and he had been unconscious when the shadow depository was blown up), John and D’Argo reaching for their weapons while Aeryn just sits there, stiff but still not too worried and the bartender already crouches down in expectance of a fight. *grin*
Also Crichton being dismissive about the stories and trying to set the facts straight, and Aeryn being offended by being called his grunt are just too funny. LOL

Into the lion’s den: wolf in sheep’s clothing: ‘So much you don’t know’

Yes, I know, me and the kids, but I love this little scene because to me it shows how far Aeryn has come from a soldier, born and bred to serve, to a caring, warm and even humorous person who not even sees the need for compassion (remember: ‘compassion? What’s that? … Oh I know that feeling. I hate it.’) but doesn’t hesitate to show it in a brusque but effectual way. She even feels with this kid she doesn’t even know when Henta slaps her. Such a difference to the soldier who just watched emotionless when Pilot was tortured. Just shows that, even though she might have wanted it at the end of The Choice, she can never go back to being that emotionless soldier again.
‘So much you don’t know, Henta’ just sums all this up in a nice, short statement.

Honorable mentions:
- Season of Death: ‘You’re alive’
- Green eyed Monster: ‘You’re a plague John Crichton and you have ruined my life. And yet, I keep coming back’
- Scratch ‘n sniff: The entire episode! The one episode I’m really looking forward to when ploughing through the third season.

Season 4
Promises: 'You're back'

Aeryn is back! That’s about it. Well, okay, I’ll dwell a little more on the subject. I love that Aeryn doesn’t come back alright and falls into John’s arms as if nothing happened but comes back bruised and battered, bringing along his archnemesis as a new shipmate. That’s what I call a recipe for spicy, angsty, but ultimately happy ending storylines!

We’re so screwed: Fetal Attraction: ‘Stay’

I’ll go minimalistic on this one because there’s not much needed to display the perfection of this moment.
It’s the perfect ending for a perfect storyline! I admit I’m old fashioned at heart, a guy searching the galaxy for his missing lover, refusing to give up even though the odds are stacked high in his disfavour is my favourite kind of story. It was the one storyline that finally asserted the place Farscape now has as my number one show of all times.
And this is the Happy End, the high point of Hurt/Comfort, the perfect example of saying everything with just one word. I must have watched it about a hundred times and when watching some of my vids, my bf once noted that this scene is in pretty much EVERY FRELLING ONE OF THEM. BECAUSE I LOVE IT MOST OF ALL!
And now I'll go and WATCH THIS SCENE! Again.

Honorable mentions:
- Don Quixote: ‘Can I hep you find a plathe to sheathe that sword??’
- Twice Shy: ‘I’m weak, I’m human, I’m a guy’ and of course ‘Then it’s over?’ ‘It’s over’
- Bad timing: ‘We are having a BABY!’ ‘This is exactly what I imagined’ and ‘I’m the greatest dad on Earth’

Peacekeeper Wars:
Birth of little D: 'We have a son'

A baby born in the middle of a battle while the parents are finally getting married? Yeah, that kinda sums up Farscape. Also the performance of Ben and Claudia, which is of course always great, really really takes the cake here. ‘WE HAVE A SON!’ is even better than ‘WE ARE HAVING A BABY’ and the birth itself is shown in such a good, not cheesy and not over the top way, that I really loved it.
Also: ‘We did it!’ ‘I love you’ ‘I love you too’ [epic kiss while things blow up around them] ‘Can you do me a favour?’ ‘You name it!’ ‘Can you get us out of here’ ‘Done!’ [epic shooting scene including fog and slo-mo ensues].

'I am not accepting this as a substitute for loosing you'

This is the scene that brought me back to Farscape after it broke my heart with DMD ten years ago. Aeryn as a mother, caring, beautiful inside and out (and her voice OMG THAT VOICE), but still a fighter, not ready to just accept things any more but wanting it all: ‘All of a sudden – three is not such a scary number. But no matter how wonderful this is – I will not accept it as a trade-off for loosing you.’
And then the sigh when she finally made her decision, her last desperate attempt to wake John up. And of course, her relief when she realizes that it worked, that he was back.
Also of course Ben with Baby. ‘Crichton’s don’t cry. Often. Or for very long.’
And finally Aeryn’s smile at ‘Where’s your mother?’ THAT SMILE!!! *melts into puddle*

ETA: Honorable mentions (can't believe I forgot these - Laura told me to add them, so I guess it's okay ;)):
- 'You said yes!'
- 'Fine, I want this miracle of life out of me'
- 'I'm just the guy without a brain'
- 'This war is not your responsibility' *squee* at the 'The baby just kicked' moment later that scene
- 'You better have my dinner ready when I get back on that ship now'
- 'You do what you have to do'
- 'Your mother was right.' 'Your mother is always right!' 'Get used to that! [holding up the baby] this is your playground'

And these, ladies and gentlemen, were my ten favourite moments of Farscape. Stay tuned for more reasons to watch this show (not that any of you need them :D) when I finally get to finish that assignment to advertise your favourite show.
Thanks for enduring my ramblings!
16th-Jan-2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
I LOVE THIS!! And you're right - this was an amazing challenge idea, vinegar_dog really deserves kudos for that... I love wading through all these scenes and moments and hearing why people love them.
18th-Jan-2012 06:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And yes, I love this challenge and I love reading all the moments the others came up with. :D
17th-Jan-2012 04:03 am (UTC)
That wasnt too long at all. It was just right. And a nice mix of 'Scapers thinking alike' and a couple of scenes which no one else has posted.

And I feel for your 9 year pain after DMD - I thought my 7 months was bad... but 9 years to wait... Gah!
18th-Jan-2012 06:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And yes, I think the fact that you have widely popular scenes and also those you can claim as your own private favourite is one of the things that make Farscape so great.

And yes, the nine years... What can I say, I actually hated Farscape a little before I restarted watching it - which might have added to the fact that I didn't get it, I didn't really look for it too hard. But I'm REALLY REALLY happy I did do it in the end.
17th-Jan-2012 05:50 am (UTC)
Oh Jac, I am so happy you loved the challenge!!! And I am so happy that your entry is probably as long if not longer than mine! :DDDD I felt like a lunatic when I realised that I could not stop talking about the show!

I love your moments and even though we have a couple in common, it is great to see so many new ones and such a new take on them!

OMG you had to wait 9 years to know what happened after DMD???I would have just emigrated rather than live with the angst! LOL

...and if you ever write the J/A/Scorpy threesome kinky fic, I will read it! I might not enjoy it as much as J.S but I will definitely read it! :)

Great entry, Jac, loved it!

Edited at 2012-01-17 09:51 am (UTC)
18th-Jan-2012 06:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks! And yes, I loved the challenge, you can come up with more of them any time you want.

Also, yeah, if I had been certain back than that I would get it somewhere else I would probably have seriously considered emigrating after DMD. lol

Oh, and I'll see about that fic, I think I have an idea... *evil grin again*
17th-Jan-2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
Nine years??????? Nine years to see the rest of this wonderful show??? This is worse than torture, worse than the Spanish Inquisition!! And it made me feel so lucky to have been able to gobble it all up at my own pace, because the whole show was there for me...

Rant over. :-)
Beautiful, deep voyage through the story arc: I love to see how our different outlook chooses different moments to linger on - it's both a testimony of the diversity of viewers and of the many layers and unexplored corners of this wonderful story.

Thank you for shining your light on these moments, and bringing them to life again under our eyes!
18th-Jan-2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! And as for the diversity of Farscape - I think the fact that everyone sees it differently and can have their own private favourite moment as well as there being many scenes that are loved by almost everyone is one thing that makes the show so brilliant.
Also, the nine years... Yeah, I've kinda given up on the show by then and I only looked for it again when it was announced that Gigi would come to Germany. And by the time she called off her appearance I was already hooked.
So thank you Gigi, even though you did not come here in the end.
17th-Jan-2012 04:32 pm (UTC)
Love your moments and your pic choices are great!

I can't imagine having to wait that long!!! I'm new to the fandom having just discovered it this past fall, so the longest I had to wait was for the next DVD to get here in the mail from netfilx (until my hubby bought me the series box set *grin*)
18th-Jan-2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Yeah, I hated that wait, and it's one of the reasons I prefer to watch shows that have already ended now. With the exception of Eureka and Haven of course, but I blame Marie for those - she recommended them to me. *grmblgrmbl*
22nd-Jan-2012 12:11 pm (UTC)
These are all wonderful moments and your memories are the perfect compliment.

I guess you are a Farscape fan, huh?
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