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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Dear Galentine’s Author 
27th-Dec-2014 06:42 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
First off, thank you for writing for me, I am sure I will love whatever you come up with. :)

In general, I love fluffy, lovey dovey stories, cutesy stuff. I love children, so if you feel inclined to either write past fics for the characters as children or fics for the characters who are actually children, I would love that. But anything about any of the requested characters would be awesome. I love character studies, fics in which nothing really happens, just the characters thinking, friendship fics.

You can do romantic themes if that’s your thing (please no fighting couples), I love romance (obviously keeping it between the characters I requested and only them), but please keep it in the fluffy area without going to much into sexual themes (I’m asexual, so if the fic is only centred around how much they are sexually attracted to each other, I won’t get very much out of it). But like I said, the fluffy, plush animals and cute cards side of romance is very much something I love.

And obviously if you want to, you can always go through my own AO3, the fics I write are exactly the fics I like, so… :)

What I don’t like is anything dark, especially when it’s non canon abuse (if there is canon abuse and you describe the character coping with it, it’s okay, but please no graphic descriptions). Absolutely NO rape, sexual abuse, pedophilia, bdsm, anything in that vein please. Also I would prefer it very much if you could keep any guys out of the fic altogether. No guys.

Star Trek: Voyager
Kathryn Janeway, Seven of Nine, B'Elanna Torres, Naomi Wildman, Kes
I ship Janeway and Seven a lot, so anything romancy for these two would be great (again, no fighting please). But I also love both of them individually and I adore Seven’s friendship with Naomi. And I like B’Elanna and Seven’s friendship and Kes’ and Janeway’s friendship. And again, any of the other characters individually would be awesome too.
Since two of the women here are in canon relationships with guys, I reiterate to please leave the guys out of the fic.

Babylon 5
Susan Ivanova, Delenn
Anything really. I ship them, mostly after the ending, I am convinced that they had a beautiful relationship after Susan moved to Minbar, so anything about that would be awesome. But if you want to make it a present or past time fic, that would be great too, basically either or both of them just being their awesome selves.

Avatar: Legend of Korra
Toph Beifong, Asami Sato, Korra, Jinora
TOPH. I’d love to read a fic about Toph in the swamp, just her being happy. Toph and Jinora talking about spirits and the spirit world and feelings and stuff would be awesome too. Also anything about Jinora being an awesome Airbender Master, Asami being an awesome business woman and inventor and Korra being an awesome Avatar and all of them just being awesome people, period.
I do ship Korra and Asami and I think they could have a great relationship, so if you want to write that, I’d love that. Anything about their time in the spirit world or anything after they come back. Them traveling the world together, Korra finally happy in her role as Avatar and Asami happy and inventing.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Toph Beifong, Ty Lee
I repeat myself: TOPH. Just anything about Toph. At all. Past fic, future fic, I don’t care. Just TOPH. The only huge NO NO is her going back to her parents. You can write about her childhood or future but anything involving her parents should very very clearly say that they are abusive assholes and she doesn’t owe them a second of her time. I also don’t buy for a second that Toph would ever be anything but an awesome mother, so if you want to write her with Lin and Su, please keep that in mind.
ETA: okay, I didn't know you needed to include two characters, so I'm including Ty Lee. I like her, mostly I like how she came to the conclusion that her problems were not about appearance and wanting to be different than her sisters, but about her finding herself, who she really was and with joining the Kyoshi warriors, she did that. So, anything about her finding herself, her and the other girls bonding in prison, her standing up to Azula would be awesome.

River Tam, Kaylee Frye, Inara Serra, Zoe Washburne
River is awesome, anything about her as a baby or her steering the Serenity / having kind of a relationship with Serenity would be awesome. Also basically anything for Zoe and Kaylee. Inara please only in a ship or friendship with Kaylee. Kaylee backstory would be really cute too, or just her and her love for engineering and frilly cute pink stuff.
And again, since both Kaylee and Zoe are in relationships with guys canonically, please no guys.

Orange is the New Black
Poussey Washington, Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson, Suzanne Warren, Janae Watson
Anything. Backstories, present time stories, anything. My favourites are Suzanne (please don’t call her crazy eyes) and Poussey but I love Taystee and Janae too. Any friendships between all four, friendship or (platonic) romantic relationship between Poussey and Taystee would be awesome. I headcanon Poussey as asexual romantic. I’d especially love backstory for Suzanne, we know some but there’s definitely room for much more.
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