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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Advent calendar 
1st-Dec-2011 10:29 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
It's this time of year again!! YAY!!

So while the days grow shorter and darker and everyone seems to be overly busy with the pre-holiday things, it is the season to be jolly but also the season to be sad for many.

For me, it's always been my favourite time of year in no small amounts due to a tradition I really like: The advent calendar!!

Seriously, having a little treat to look forward to every morning (and after work and before going to sleep - yes I'm an advent-calender-holic) in this 24 days often helped me getting up and getting to work in a far better mood than I would have had otherwise.

So I thought of sharing a little something with you all on each of these 24 days. Don't worry, it'll just be something very little as I really don't have time to make 24 big things right now, but looking forward to sharing something really helps me getting up at the morning (apart from the 3 chocolate advent calendars I already have ;)).

So if you wanna take a look, feel free to do so - most of it will be Farscape, Stargate or Sanctuary related as those are my three major fandoms at the moment...

“No, you’re supposed to open ONE door at a time, not all of them at once.” John couldn’t believe his eyes when he watched his son sitting there, chocolate stains everywhere. Chiana smiled innocently at him. She had obviously taken part in the candy fest that was going on here.
“Wanna join us, old man? It’s fun!” She offered him one of the few remaining chocolates they had apparently ‘liberated’ out of several of the advent calendars his family had sent him from Earth.
“No, I don’t want to join, you’re not supposed to open all of them, what makes it special is having only one a day.”
Chiana frowned and Deke looked up at the tone of his father’s voice.
“But it doesn’t make any sense.” Chiana looked genuinely confused. John sighed. He knew a lost battle when he saw one.
But for some silly reason he liked his old rituals and he really hoped to be able to keep them up with his kids.
1st-Dec-2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
Awww chiana and deke!!! So cute! They would totally not be able to stop themselves from opening them all!
1st-Dec-2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Aww that's nice! No way Chi could resist that! Lovely thought to share this with us, Jac! Thanks! :)
3rd-Dec-2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Very cute!
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