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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Advent Calendar 2014 - Door 8 
8th-Dec-2014 04:29 pm
Katee thumbs up
Let’s play a crossword. Science facts about blebses! Blebses scientifically! All of these are according to wikipedia (well, actually, one is not, but I’m sure googling will help) and I would highly recommend cheating off of that, this puzzle might be tiny but I think it’s pretty challenging. But if you know all the answers without that, kudos to you. :D

Blebses scientifically

4. Blebses blebs obviously, but what is the scientific name for their movements on land?
6. Phocids, the true blebses, are _______.

1. Blebses belonging to this group have something Phocids don’t have and they also can rotate their hind feet forward and move with considerable speed. Speedy Blebses!
2. This is the class blebses belong to.
3. We all know that blebses are fat, but what is the scientific word for this fat?
5. What is the official name for the biological family of animals blebses belong to?
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