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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Live blog of Star Trek Voyager episode 6x09 The Voyager Conspiracy 
28th-Mar-2014 07:49 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
And another liveblog for the Universe_the challenge. These are fun. :D

Naomi in the regeneration alcove is so cute. And ‘that was my next guess’, she is soooo cute. :D Seven explains her plan. Which kinda already has a big ‘don’t do this’ stamped on it. This is not a good idea. Seven, your physiology is different now too. And yay for playing with Naomi, even when they have to reschedule.

Credits. Skipping.

Okay, done. Now we have Janeway talking with the replicator, it’s so cute. And her and Chakotay having a conversation about rumours, that’s always fun. And yep, you are explorers, right? :D I love that they made Janeway a bad cook, that’s great.

Janeway and coffee, here’s an OTP if ever there was one. And Seven and a still tired B’Elanna who really doesn’t like to be woken up come to the bridge and the clips that aren’t even really clips start. I like this idea actually, pretend your making a clip show but actually use new clips. Also, I have absolutely no idea what Seven is talking about but I guess it’s all logical.

Janeway, Seven and B’Elanna, my three babies. Always nice seeing them working together.

And now we get to the actual topic of this episode, the jump gate, or whatever it’s called. And obviously since there’s no love story in this episode, the guest character is a guy. As always. And now he’s explaining things and I feel like Harry who is yawning. YAY a way to get closer to home, this is always exciting.

And Seven assimilates more data. No baby, don’t do this, your poor brain can’t handle this amount of data. But right now it’s not yet that much of a far fetched theory, it’s actually true as far as I remember from watching this episode the first time. Also, both Janeway’s and Seven’s boobies in this scene are worth mentioning. :)

Now they scan the alien and get to the truth. He just doesn’t want them to steal the reactor, which is actually a pretty good explanation. And some more clips, this time actually some that we know already. No no, Seven, don’t go through even more data. Even though this image is kind of cool, with the little blue beam.

Now Seven is interrogating Tuvok. Paris is there to actually give some information to the viewer, because I guess a lot of viewers, like me, would get utterly lost in this conversation. :P

Heee, now Seven is playing detective and interrogates everyone. Eeeeks, Neelix mentioning his relationship with Kes is always so creepy to me. And he’s still condescending. Gah, you’re better than this.

Seven now thinks there was a third ship. I don’t really remember if there was or not, but I think there wasn’t. But yeah, assimilating even more data is really not the greatest idea here. Now the alien prepares to jump through his gatey thingie, which kinda looks cool.

Right, now we are at the point where Seven gets more and more paranoid, and I mean this in the sense of she is getting a mental illness, because that is what is happening here, her brain can’t handle all this data and makes up stories that have very little basis in reality. I mean, there are some little things that actually sound at least a little plausible, which I guess is what paranoia is, everything, no matter how little basis it has in reality gets exaggerated as something geared to harm you.

The funny thing is that I think the tricobalt thing was just the writers wanting to have some ‘cool’ new weapon and now, five years later, they revisit it and actually use it. And now Seven lists some more facts against Janeway. No baby, no, Janeway loves you, she loves this ship, she’s a good person, nothing of this has anything to do with any plan or anything. And Chakotay is suspicious. No, baby, you love Janeway too, and she loves you too, not in a romantic way obviously, but still, don’t believe these things.

Babies, don’t fight. :( I don’t like it when (platonic) Mommy and Daddy fight. Now Chakotay enlists B’Elanna to analyse some more. And B’Elanna thinks it’s a practical joke, which is far better than Chakotay getting suspicious. Yes, tell Janeway. Seriously, these people have been family for six years, it’s really not fun to see how easy it is to make it fall apart. :’(

And now we get the confirmation that it is indeed Seven, not that there was ever a doubt. And Janeway thinks it’s a joke too, which is cute, but no, this is not a joke, this is Seven being actually ill. Poor poor baby. :( And her using the exact same data to ascertain this story now is definite proof that there’s something wrong with Seven, not with everyone else. And Janeway not even a little bit doubting Tuvok at first is so cute and obvious. But baby actually she has some doubts now too. Seven is really convincing though, so I can understand it.

Janeway trusts Chakotay and doesn’t want to give in, but yeah, Seven is really convincing with all this data that she interprets only in negative ways.

Awww, this is so sad though, Seven asking Naomi who she’s working for and telling her to go. :’( Poor babies.

And the other two babies, that now are both suspicious and still don’t really talk to each other. Babies, you’re better than this, just see that Seven told you both the same thing in a different light. Seriously, don’t even start this, you love each other.

And now all of it comes back to Seven herself, which is obviously the whole paranoia thing, that now she thinks everyone and everything is against her. They can’t get her out but they can try to slow her down.

Janeway wants to go alone, because Seven loves her and she loves Seven. Yep. But Seven is not in a talky mood and put a forcefield up. Now it’s all about Seven obviously. Poor poor baby. And it’s eery that she talks about Janeway and herself in the third person. :’(No, poor baby, nobody wants to dissect you. Yes Seven your alcove is working perfectly, but your brain is not. Janeway never lied to you and she never will. I love this recap Janeway does so so much, I’ll just sign off for a bit and watch it.

Okay, I ended up watching the whole rest of the episode snuggled with my baby, so just a little recap after the fact:

Seven and Janeway are the OTP of all OTPs. Obviously. I will never not refer to the last shot of this scene as the proposal shot. Also, Seven and Naomi are cute and so are Janeway and Chakotay. ‘Not more than I usually do’. And with that the episode ends on a cutesy funny note. :)
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