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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Live blog of the season 1 finale of The Fosters for a challenge on Universe_the 
26th-Mar-2014 06:08 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
So, this is me liveblogging the last episode of The Fosters 'Adoption Day'. I have not watched the episode before this, so expect a lot of ‘WTF?’ and ‘HUH?’. :P But hopefully some ‘aaaawww’ and ‘squeee’ too. If you really like Brandon or white guys in general (except Jude and Connor), you should probably steer clear of this.

Here we go:

Previously on. Okay, not going to say anything about that. Except for saying WTF Brandon like a dozen times, which I do basically every episode.

We’re back in the car. Great, this was what I was afraid of, Stef just protects Brandon and tells him to lie. WTF? Yep, he’s just the golden boy. ‘At least no one knows.’ Oh, yeehah, this is a person I want in the police force. Seriously, this is two police officers talking about how to best make something awful their fantastic son did ‘go away’. *HUGE SIGH*

But opening credit now *snuggles and kissy break*

Okay, back. Hah, Mike’s girlfriend (a term I really don’t like using but kinda have to here because I totally forgot her name and have no idea what else to call her so that someone would actually know who I mean) aka ‘person who changes what she does every five seconds’. Not really her agenda, that kinda always stayed the same, but the strategy to achieve that agenda. Seriously, she got really annoying, I hope this is the last we see of her.

And now Stef doesn’t even tell Lena. Great. WTF again. And poor Callie, she’ll obviously blame herself. Seriously, Brandon just needs to go out and stop living.

Awww, Zack’s mom. I love her, she just needs to go to the hospital. STAT. This is how it started with my mom, and then it turned out she had a brain tumor. Okay, scratch that, Zack just said she has Alzheimers, which obviously fits too. But poor Zach, Mariana is right, you know, you’re a baby, who’s gonna take care of you? :( This is just sad and I really like this ship because they are great together and actually have the same interests.

Fantastic, now Stef gives in to Ana’s demands. Everything to protect the golden boy.

Awwwww, Jude and Connor. But noooo, why would Jude need a girl. Connor’s side eyeing gives me hope for my little side ship though.

Mariana and Jesús. Cute. Yes, Jesús you need to go back on your meds.

And aawwww, again, Jude and Connor talk about girls, but not in the sense I wanted them too. Connor baby, nooooo. :( You both don’t want to ask any girls out, you want to ask each other out.

Brandon and Mike. At least Mike says he’s disappointed and then leaves. That’s at least something.

Ha, here we go. The contract thing with Timothy. This was SO OBVIOUS. YOU DO NOT DO THIS. This is why we always only wanted to go for an anonymous donor. Yep, Stef, exactly this, but no, this is not Lena’s fault. Great. Why don’t you just communicate. Seriously, they were great at communicating before and now they just stopped. But okay, at least now Stef said what was obvious for the whole time. Now talk some more about it, will you? Really.

I couldn’t care less about anything Brandon. But Callie. No Callie, no, you are really really NOT ruining Brandon’s life, he nearly ruined yours. Seriously, this is so so so so so so so terrible. But at least Brandon has a shred of honor left and says no. Thank you for this tiny ray of hope, show.

Babies, talk, don’t swap sarcastic comments. TALK. Stef needs to explain what she’s thinking about and now she finally does. Tell Lena about Ana. Finally. They really need to talk about this. Woah, Stef is going to wear a wire, this is at least something because it’s the first step out of the whole ‘we have to protect Brandon at any price’ thing.

Seriously, can Brandon just go away. He got drunk because he lied. WTF? And Mike’s girlfriend (why can I still not remember her name?) is back too, WHY? She’s the worst adult and gives the worst advices EVER. And now she sets Brandon’s alarm. Not sure this is a great thing, even though I really couldn’t care less about Brandon’s audition, it just sucks that Callie and Stef are going to blame themselves again when something in his life goes wrong.

OMG!! NOOOOOOOO! I really did NOT need to see this kiss. Or whatever comes next. Baaaaaaaah. Can I have some brain bleach please? ARGH! [side note, I typed this under the assumption that Brandon was 18 which obviously still doesn't make it any better because he was still drunk, and he’s obviously 16, so this is rape, plain and simple and as of now, Dani is my most hated character on the show. Which is very sad because she’s a woman, but no. Just no. - needed to point this out because while watching the show I didn't because so much was happening but it really needs to be pointed out] At least apparently she set the alarm, that’s something. [again, not excusing her behaviour a little bit]

And I bet you anything that Brandon is still the great kid that can’t do anything wrong [and again, this particular thing was not his fault]. See, already happening, Mike is drunk and blaming himself. Oh, but girlfriend’s name just appeared on Brandon’s phonescreen, apparently she’s called Dani. I’ll just call her ‘worst adult ever’ [and rapist]. Really, WTF?

Awww, cute Jude talking to cute girl (of color). But now Connor and Jude have a fall out over a girl. WHY? No, you ARE good friends. You are great friends. And more than that.

Yeah, great, Dani is going to go look for Mike. Why does this sound like a terrible idea. At least Brandon can now demonstrate that he still at least a little bit deserves the trust everyone so blindly puts in him by having a good audition.

Jesús is going back on his meds [and nobody is making it a big deal]. YAY. This is good. And Emma and Jesús starting over, this I like too. They’re cute and actually quite a good ship too, which is so great. Two ships that are good for teenagers, this is nice.

Vico and Brandon. Aka two white dudes who can do no wrong. ‘My parents are gonna take care of this.’ Obviously. And Vico is gonna have to quit wrestling and lose a scholarship chance. Poor baby. ‘Someone swoops in and kills your dream.’ How about you yourself ruined everything?

OMG baby Jude. ‘When did you know you were gay?’ Baby Jude is jealous about Connor. Because he loves Connor. Obviously. ‘Let’s not use the word normal’ but obviously, it doesn’t mean Jude is gay, it just means Connor means more to him than a random (but really really cute) girl. Which is totally okay. But I love that Jude will be accepted and loved and everything and will have the time and space to figure out his own identity. It’s fantastic.

Poor poor Zachy though. She hit him. :’( OMG this is so so sad. He needs to get her hospitalized and that means his life will change too. All of this is so sad. I don’t even know where his dad lives and if he would have to change schools or whatever.

Okay, what the frak happened? When Dani says: ‘It’s all good’ I start getting really really worried. And Ana is not there. WTF? Bloody Mike makes me really scared.

Lena is not happy about Vico and Brandon. You see, this is what you get when you protect all white guys, you get the bad guys right along with your golden boy. Maybe you should think about that.

And now Lena and Stef have some more talk. Not as much as I would hope, but yeah, they shouldn’t have a kid right now. But woops, now Lena IS pregnant that’s not a great idea. Stef’s reaction is right on spot. ‘I feel nothing but love right now.’ *crying* They will figure out everything later, just loving right now. *sniff*

Mariana tells Brandon that Zach needs to move away, this is really sad. :( *sniffle* This show is good at making me switch from happy crying to sad crying to happy crying again because now the girls from Girls United showed up and Connor too. YAY! I’m happy about that. And Connor doesn’t want to go out with Maddy either, I like this. Because they have a great relationship and that is what is important. [and I didn’t hear while watching that Connor said all three of them can go out. Which is great and I fully support it.]

Whaaa, now we have problems with the adoption though. Whoa, she has a different father. This is not funny at all. WTF? What does this mean? Oh, obviously that someone else has to sign his rights away. But YES, Callie is getting adopted. And yes, Jude needs to get adopted. And then Callie will get adopted too. Really really soon. Callie needs some time and I love that Rosie’s character follows her not Brandon. She needs a friend now not an asshole white guy.

Poor poor Callie ‘the whole frikking universe is against me’. I love Rita here though, ‘the universe isn’t against anyone’. Don’t spend time dwelling on the bad things. Fight back, stick around. Yes, this is what you do. Don’t run away again Callie. This whole family loves you. They do. And they WILL adopt you. And a cute Mariana and Callie moment here. And a Jude and ‘now officially his Mommies’ moment. *still sniffling*

Also all the girls and everyone. Smiles all around. *melts*

And the cake OMG. *crying some more* Still true, Callie is still part of the family. And now I guess we can’t avoid the Callie and Brandon moment. WTF? Seriously. He just needs to go away. Back off, but be a brother, that’s totally okay. He got the symphony spot, that’s great. Maybe, just maybe, there is a little tiny speck of hope for him.

Oh, Wyatt, no, don’t start a jealousy thing. You are better than that. Really. I get that he wants to know, but obviously it doesn’t change anything. And now they kiss. I actually do like Wyatt now, I hope he doesn’t return to be a douchebag. And Callie playing guitar is great, also the whole family laughing and eating cake. This is what I want from the show.

WHOA! Woops. Brandon getting beaten up by Vico and his guys is NOT what I meant with he should go out and stop living. I just meant he should stop being an asshole. Really, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. :(

And that’s it. Now I’m in desperate need of some snuggles, so I’m signing off. :)
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