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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
My Rarewomen request letter 
1st-Mar-2014 07:16 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
This is my request letter for rarewomen.

Dear rarewomen author,

thank you for writing a fic for me. I know I will love whatever you come up with. :) Here are some pointers as to what I like, which might be helpful.

In general I love gen fic, thoughts, dialogue, the characters being themselves in whatever situation you want to put them in and especially fluffy funny fic. Crack fic is nice too. As is kidfic, with either the characters having kids or backstories with them as kids.

As for shipping, I’m good with femslash between any of the characters or other characters from the fandom, but I’d prefer the focus to be on the character(s) rather than the relationship. Though kisses and handholding are always good. As are showers and boobies. :D Really, I’m just a sucker for fluff.

I don’t like kinks of any kind and any kind of abuse and I’m not that fond of angsty stuff.

Fandom specific:

Star Trek Voyager:
Naomi Wildman, Kes and Miral Paris

I’ve recently begun to ship Miral and Naomi later in life, when both are in Starfleet and maybe on the same starship. But kidfic for both of them works too. Especially Naomi. How does her day to day life on Voyager look like? I want to see her life, her friends (you can include the Borg babies her, I especially like Mesoti), her relationship with Seven and Janeway and just basically anything about her life.
For Kes, anything before she came aboard Voyager (and before she met Neelix) would be great. But anything focusing on her friendship with Janeway would be good too.

The Fosters
Lena Adams, Stef Foster, Callie Jacob, Mariana Foster, Kiara, Gabi, Daphne, Carmen

Gen fic for all of these, especially describing their thoughts, friendships, goals, etc. Sisterly stuff between Callie and Mariana. Daphne’s struggle with living alone. Any backstories for any of the girls. Stef and Lena fluffy lovey stuff is very welcome too.

Warehouse 13
Mrs. Frederic, Leena, Jane Lattimer, Abigail Cho

Any gen fic describing the lives of these women outside or inside the Warehouse. Their friendships, their day to day lives, their thoughts. I’d especially love a backstory fic for Leena. But backstories for Mrs. Frederic and Abigail would be great too, since I have the feeling that there’s so much more to these characters than the little we’ve seen on the screen.

Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Utu Noranti Pralatong

I’d love backstories for any of these characters. So far we only know a little backstory for Aeryn and a tiny little for Chiana but none for Noranti. Where did she come from? What did she do before she became a prisoner? And there are still so many stories to be told for Aeryn and Chiana too. I also ship those two, so if you want to go that route, that would be fine by me.
I don’t want to see John in a fic.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Guinan, Ro Laren, Tasha Yar

I would love a Guinan fic. Anything with her interacting with the other women on the ship, being the voice of reason, the conscience. Anything about her backstory too. Something set during her time on Earth would be especially great. Or something about her dealings with Q. Just anything about Guinan and her story, because the show shows so little of it. Also, I'd love any interaction between Guinan and Ro. Their friendship was so great, especially when they were both turned into children. Anything set during that episode, conversations, thoughts, anything would be fantastic.
And I’d love to read anything about Tasha. I always liked her character and she had so little screentime, it was a shame. So anything would be great, backstory, her day to day life, whatever.

Being Erica
Dr. Naadiah

I just really really love the concept of Doctors in this show and I wish they had shown it more. Especially Naadiah’s day to day life with clients and her wife and daughter. Just, the thought of casual travel through space and time intrigues me so much. How would it look like for her? How do you stay focused in the here and now? What even counts as here and now when you can go through any door to any time and space you choose? How much knowledge do Doctors have of the future? If even any? All of these things are so intriguing to me, so any kind of fic about them would be very much appreciated.
1st-Mar-2014 02:37 pm (UTC)
I totally read that as Barrowman request letter... and wondered what you could request there LOL
1st-Mar-2014 05:26 pm (UTC)
LOL, well, I'm sure there are a whole lot of people who could come up with a lot of things to request there. ;) Though yeah, I might not be one of them... :P
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