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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
My fandom for Womenverse 
24th-Nov-2012 03:03 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
Seriously, no one has made a Sci Fi show yet? Wow, this has to be rectified! I'm still totally unsure and self-conscious about this but since the deadline is tomorrow, I guess it's best I just let it go and post it. I hope it makes at least a little bit sense to anyone else but me. :)

STARGAZER, aka what happens when you throw all your favourite actresses together and let them run freely with your wildest ideas. :P

The setting is a universe in which humans have spread out amongst many planets. There's a central government and justice system, but the true power lies with the various big houses and their families, who are constantly at war with each other, each trying to gain more power. Slavery is normal.
I hope everything else is self-explanatory.

Oh, and one thing: I’m not even going to pretend that this is not greatly inspired by Firefly, so I’ll just blatantly use some images from that show. In my defence, I searched for other fitting images for quite some time and just didn’t find any, so yeah, I decided to role with it. Sue me. ;)

Also, all of this is probably at least T rated (I mean, I have a pretty much canon four people ship (granted, one of them is the bad guy but still...)) I hope that's okay. :)


Brief description:
It all starts with five women on a wrecked little ship, each of them with their own pasts they try to conquer.
Smuggling and stealing gets them by and they gain quite a reputation as unknown Robin Hoods.
Only one day they find themselves in a mess when Gabby, the pregnant wife of Louis, one of the most powerful men in the quadrant, decides to use them as a way to escape her husband and everything goes wrong from there.
Pursued by law enforcement and Louis’ private security they have to find a way to work together to survive.

3 main characters

Gabby Durand (Ginnifer Goodwin) – She grew up as daughter of a poor, but still quite influential house, knowing that one day she would be shipped off to a distant planet and married to Louis to gain her family financial aid in their war against a neighbouring house. She knows that this is her destiny and tries to be a good trophy wife and breeding apparatus.
But when she falls in love with one of their slaves, Jonas, she doesn’t know what to do. Sure, Louis doesn’t really care who she fraks with, it’s not like slaves or hookers count (for either of them), but getting pregnant by a slave is a definitely not acceptable, and she knows that Louis will kill her or at least Jonas and the baby when he finds out, so she devises a plan to get her out of her husband’s grasp.

Jess Attard (Jewel Staite) – Her childhood is a mystery to the other girls, they only know that she worked as a hooker when Fran found her and took a liking to the outspoken, optimistic girl who is really good at coaxing information out of anyone.
So she offered her to come with them and Jess happily accepted. When she meets Gabby, she thinks it’s just another job, but when she finds herself at the muzzle of a gun, held by a woman she just slept with, she realizes that she has been horribly wrong. And it all gets more complicated the more she gets to know Gabby and begins to understand her - and maybe fall in love with her a little bit.

Fran Morina (Freema Agyeman) – Captain of the Stargazer, confident, self assured but with a softer side. She bought the Stargazer as a way to escape the constant war of the families after her sister died and wants nothing more to do with her family or the constant power struggles of the houses.
But when Gabby forces her way onto the Stargazer she finds herself in the middle of a fight again and after Fiona gets killed she realizes that if this is what she has to do to keep her new family save, then she will fight any war she has to.

9 other characters

Since our lovely mod said we could add as many people as we’d like, I took advantage of that and put pics and bios for my important ‘guest stars’ up too. So these are essentially six more main characters, two supporting characters and one guest star.

Jonas Petit (Josh Dallas) – He was born and raised as a slave and knows his place. When Gabby took an interest in him, he didn’t protest and when they actually fell in love with each other he was surprised, he never even knew feelings like that existed. He is shocked when Gabby tells him she’s expecting his baby, he thought they were always careful, but when she suggests to run away together he agrees, not wanting to give up what he just found.

Louis Durand (Brandon Routh) – He’s convinced that the only thing that matters in this world is power, so when he finds himself with a wife who he doesn’t love but who seems malleable enough, he actually hopes to have found a partner to share his dreams with and sets out to teach the innocent girl from a backwater planet everything he knows about gaining and maintaining power, unaware that Gabby doesn’t want any of it and hates hurting people. When Gabby runs away with a slave and a hooker, he is shocked and angry beyond anything and uses all his resources to get her back, not knowing that the head of his security forces helped his wife to escape and wants nothing less than getting her back.

Fiona Nyman (Morena Baccarin) – Fiona grew up as a slave but was able to escape that life. She doesn’t talk about her life before the Stargazer and nobody even knew she was a slave (except Fran of course) before Gabby and Jonas came aboard and she was the first one opting to help them. She has a pretty bad temper and will bitch at everybody for minor things, especially at Isi, but she loves her ‘family’. Her death leaves everyone on the Stargazer devastated.

Isabell / Isi Kastrati (Iyari Limon) – If Jess is the heart of the Stargazer, Isi is the soul. She grew up on a spaceship, her mother and father were traders and occasionally smugglers and thieves. On one of her ‘jobs’ she met Fran who asked her to join a new crew aboard the Stargazer. She can ‘talk’ to machines which makes her quite a good pilot and thief and she can stand her own in any hand to hand fight as well as a good bitch fight.

Natalie / Nat Berisha (Naya Rivera) – Nat is pretty shy and after Fran the voice of reason on the Stargazer. She came from a good home, her father, a doctor, taught her everything he knew and wanted her to take over for him. But her family was killed in a house war and she was left with nothing. She was set to be auctioned off as a slave but was able to escape and stumbled upon Isi after one of the girl’s operations went bad. She saved her life and found her place on the Stargazer as medic after that.

Cassie Maes (Heather Morris) – Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, Cassie worked her way up the ranks very quickly on wit and reputation alone. She firmly believes in the justice system, despite knowing that the true power lies with the families. Practicing an ‘if you can’t beat them, try playing their game and maybe you can change that game’ policy, she tries to balance working for the families and still upholding justice for everyone. But that strategy is threatened to fall apart when she gets handed a new case that threatens to turn her life upside down.

Lana Mattila (Claudia Black) – Lana is Cassie's partner. She knows the perks and loopholes of the law better than anyone else. Working for all sides she accepts bribes from just about anyone and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. There aren’t many things she wouldn’t do to get a job done, but betraying a friend is definitely one of them. But when they get a new case that should be as easy as they come, Lana’s loyalty to Cassie is put to the test.

Helen Wouters (Katee Sackhoff) – Working as security chief for one of the big families was what Helen had always wanted, so when Louis offered this position to her, she didn't think twice. Coming from a worker family, she had climbed the ladder right up to the top and thought this was everything she could ever have hoped for. She always knew that being on top meant being ruthless and that the prize for it was loneliness, but then she met Gabby and when their friendship grew stronger and Gabby confided in her, she realized she could not bring herself to watch her friend getting killed, even when it meant risking her position and even her life.

Daniel Salo (D.B. Woodside) – Daniel is the leader of a rival ‘gang’, also operating from a starship. Fran and Daniel have history with each other but nowadays they mostly just quibble about who’s ship is bigger - and about Isi, whom he always tried to entice to join his crew. When the girls start their little guerrilla war against Louis’ house after Fiona got killed, Daniel is one of the few people who is willing to help them.

3 graphics advertising the show:

5 descriptions of episodes

Stargazer – Into the starlit night…:
The women on board the Stargazer have found themselves in a comfortable life, stealing from the rich and corrupt.
But one day, they get the chance to go after one of the most powerful men in the quadrant, when his wife demands a ‘date’ with Jess, who normally works as bait, stalking out the venue so that the others can return later to break in.
This time though, they decide against it, deeming Louis as too powerful an enemy to try anything. Jess goes still through with the date (nothing else to do), only to find herself at gunpoint afterwards.

Foolish dreamers turn their gaze:
Gabby and Jonas force their way onto the Stargazer by holding Jess hostage. Before Fran and the others can decide on what to do, Jonas gets shot. In the ensuing chaos, the girls have no choice but to take off with both of their unwanted guests.
They argue about leaving Gabby and the badly injured Jonas behind but run into an ambush at the planet they thought was a safe haven and learn that Louis has put prizes on all their heads. Fiona gets killed and Fran decides to protect what’s left of her family at all costs. Even if that means going into a war they can’t possibly win.

The other side:
Louis demands progress from law enforcement and Cassie finds herself in a position she never wanted to be in, when she is faced with the fact that one of the fugitives she is after is someone she’s been searching for forever.
What will she do when she finds out that her first love is now her enemy? What will Lana think of this development?
And how long will Nat be able to keep from the other girls that she has history with one of their pursuers?

The things you left behind:
When the girls settle on keeping Gabby and the still comatose Jonas on board, despite the consequences, they try to adjust to their new lives as number one public enemies trying to wage a desperate David against Goliath war. They’ve always been operating outside the law, but what they are faced with now is a whole new level.
Hiding in a secluded area of a desert planet, waiting on Daniel, who is about the only one Fran trusts anymore, each of the girls reminisces about the things that brought them here.

Christmas Spirits:
Hilarity ensues when Nat insists on cheering everyone up with celebrating Christmas, even though, or maybe especially because she knows that no one is in a very festive mood. Gabby is the one who gets roped into her plans and even though she’s just as uncheerful as the others, she ends up actually enjoying going shopping with Nat.
But then everything goes to hell in a hand basket when the marketplace gets raided by constabulary led by Cassie, Nat pretends to be Gabby’s wife, and Cassie and Nat face each other for the first time in years.

10 items /places / props that are important for the characters

The Stargazer

She is just a little old ship, but for Fran and her girls she’s everything they ever wanted: Freedom.

The galley

This is the room where the girls spend most of their time when they are not on the bridge.

Nat’s infirmary

Nat couldn’t save anything from her old life, but when she found herself onboard the Stargazer, she fell in love with this little, clattered room. So she did her best to make it into a working infirmary, a place suited to do what she loved doing most: saving lives. It’s much more than her workplace though, it’s the one place she feels save, the one place where she’s as confident as she always wants to be.

Louis’s office

His office reflects Louis’s thirst for power and type A personality, designed to give every visitor the feeling of inferiority.
((And again, I searched for a good picture to show this for quite some time and didn’t find any, so I settled on this, which comes close with there being only one comfy chair behind the desk but no chairs for visitors and it being on the top floor so people have to walk up.))

The Justice of Peace

The ship that Cassie is stationed on. She likes it a lot, far better than being on a planet because she likes being in motion, not being tied down. Somewhere between finding out that Nat is involved in her latest case and actually seeing her again, Cassie realizes that her need to be on the move was to no small amount fuelled by her desire to somehow find Nat again.

Fran’s compass

Fran got this compass from her great grandfather and even though it’s not of any practical use when flying through space, it holds great sentimental value for her. It always reminds her of her great grandfather’s last words to her, never to lose her way. She thought that meant to leave her family and stop fighting a hopeless war but now she uses it as a reminder that this time, there is no leaving and no stopping. She will avenge Fiona and protect the rest of her family with everything she has, even if it’s the last thing she does.

Fiona’s gun

Fiona is not a very sentimental girl, but this gun was the first one she bought herself after the first heist she pulled off with Fran, and she holds it very dear. But of course she would never name it, that’s just schmoopy. *cough* Hugo *cough*
After Fiona dies, Fran carries the weapon with her into the war she’s waging in her name.

Jess’s necklace

Jess wears a necklace with a small medallion. She vowed as a kid that she would find love and when she did she’d put a foto of her lover in the medallion. Now that she found Gabby, she knows that her love is hopeless, but she still puts a picture of her into it. Without Gabby or any of the others knowing it of course.

Gabby’s promise ring

As slave Jonas didn’t have anything of value to give to Gabby, but he made a ring out of leather bands as a promise that they would be together someday. Gabby wears it above her wedding band and treasures it beyond anything else.

Cassie’s friendship bracelet

Cassie got this bracelet from Nat when they were in school together and even though it’s been years, she still has it. When she finds Nat again, she takes it out and wears it in spite of the fact that they are now enemies. Later she finds out that Nat doesn’t have hers anymore (it got lost along with everything else she owned) and has a new one made for her.

Ship war

jonas_gabbyforever: How can you ship Isi and Daniel? That’s just totally boring!

isi_daniel921: OMG, you’re shipping Gabby with a guy who spent the entire first season in a coma and you’re calling my ship boring? WTF is wrong with you?

jonas_gabbyforever: At least we got the flashbacks! Daniel was in ONE episode so far! ONE FUCKING EPISODE! I’d understand if you ship Fiona with Fran, but Daniel is just a glorified extra.

isi_daniel921: Who are you calling a glorified extra? Did you see those flashbacks?? Jonas has NO personality whatsoever! At least Daniel is a REAL CHARACTER, not just some boytoy!

jonas_gabbyforever: I can’t even deal with this level of fucked-up-ness! How the hell has Jonas no personality? Have you even seen the show?

isi_daniel921: Yes, I have and I’ve seen FAAAR more of Daniel’s charisma in that one episode than I’ve seen of Jonas’s in the ENTIRE SHOW! Cause he DOESN’T HAVE ANY! AT ALL!

nat_cassie465: OMG, could you guys just come off of it and acknowledge that both of you are right? BOTH ships are BORING! Nat/Cassie FOREVER! Seriously, this show is full of great ships and you pick those two?? I’m not even gonna start on how wrong it is to only ship the het ships no matter how far fetched and boring they are, but how the HELL can you ship Jonas and Gabby over Jess and Gabby? They had more chemistry in they’re first scene than Jonas and Gabby had in the entire first season!!

‘Save this show’ campaign

Dealer’s choice


Fanmixes are so not my thing usually, but as the title for this show was inspired by a song, I thought I’d try it and it went quite okay I think. I just couldn’t for the life of me find a song for Louis. Sorry about that! I’m open for suggestions if anyone knows a good villain song. :)

Title song: Luna’s boat song – Wind Nocturne

The Stargazer: Somewhere I belong – Linkin Park

Gabby and Jonas: Stay – Shakespeare’s sister

Jess: I shot for the sky and What if I told you? – Jason Walker

Fran: This means War – Nickelback

Isi: Trying to be me – Sweetbox

Nat and Cassie: Return – Deine Lakaien
24th-Nov-2012 01:09 pm (UTC)

I’m not even gonna start on how wrong it is to only ship the het ships no matter how far fetched and boring they are, but how the HELL can you ship Jonas and Gabby over Jess and Gabby? They had more chemistry in they’re first scene than Jonas and Gabby had in the entire first season!!
BWAH. I bet that would be me. ;D

BTW, I don't think that just the existence of a ship that isn't a two-people het ship is incompatible with even a G rating. (The rating people don't usually think so, but I just think that's really wrong, because unconventional relationships that don't do anything graphic aren't any less family-friendly than conventional relationships.) But do I imagine that there would be hot scenes too and also you went Joss and already kill people, so that would indeed raise the rating. :P
24th-Nov-2012 05:06 pm (UTC)
SQUEEEE! So happy you like it! :D And I might have added Katee just for you. ;)

LOL, yeah, that's basically me too. :D

Oh, I didn't really mean the ship as ship would be the reason for a higher rating (what I first wrote as reason there was a little different (and definitely M rated LOL, so I decided to rephrase it)), like I said before, I'm a fan of unconventional relationships and I don't think that they are family unfriendly in any way (heck, I'm the teacher who tells the kids that having two mommies is a great thing :D), but like you rightly assumed, there would be some scenes in the pilot alone that are not really family friendly. ;D
And yes, the killing thing, I thought about that a long time, I hate when characters get killed off and normally never do it, but in this case I kinda had to. But it killed me. :'(

Also, OUAT and your flailing over the story format with the flashbacks gave me the idea to do that too, so I reasoned that she'll still appear in flashbacks. Yeah, I might be faaaar too involved in this not-even-real fandom already. LOL
24th-Nov-2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
WELL DUH OF COURSE I DO. :D It has all the best things! Awwwwwwwwwwwwh. :D

AW, I know! :D ♥ I just had to say it when I saw it worded this way, because I'm angry at the Hollywood attitude that if it's not one man and one woman, everyone automatically thinks about them having sex. And when it is one man and one woman, no one thinks about them having sex even when they kiss all the time. But I know you don't agree with that either, and I know this show would be hawt and I totally approve of the hawtness. :D

I totally get the involvement with a fictional-fictional fandom, lol, I had one too. :D I still think it's pretty awesome. xD
24th-Nov-2012 06:24 pm (UTC)
LOL, well, in this case they do all have sex, so... :D And I don't even know how that happened exactly, it just kinda did and I suddenly realized 'wow, your main character does get around a bit in the first few episodes', :P but I decided I don't much care. Because of the hawtness. Everything can be excused with hawtness.

Actually, I'm not sure if I understood what you mean, but I'm kinda always open for anyone having sex with anyone in fictional settings as long as it involves at least one woman (multishipping FTW!). :)
But if you mean that strong friendships can be strong friendships without sex, I agree with that too. Though I do think that sex kinda makes everything better, I do realize that it also tends to complicate things.

And WOW, that's one heck of a fandom you created! ME LIKEY! VERY MUCH! Did you ever write a fic for it? Cause I would so read it! :D
24th-Nov-2012 06:57 pm (UTC)
Naw, I only meant the Hollywood attitude, like... A Disney princess and prince can kiss in a movie for 3-year-olds and no one has a problem with that because a man and a woman kissing =/= sex. (Even if they're GETTING MARRIED. Which means they DO have sex. Like, WTF.) And a woman and a man who are in an established relationship without kissing on-screen is an bigger non-issue. It's romantic and wholesome and great for kids. But when two women or two men (or more people than that) are in a relationship, even without kissing on-screen? THEY'RE SO HAVING SEX ~BEHIND THE SCENES~, EVERYONE'S IMAGINATION IS RUNNING WILD, THAT'S NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS. It's ridiculous. So I had to rant. xD But it has nothing to do with the actual plot of your fandom! ♥ And I think the main character doing what she does and being in a bit of a poly relationship is AWESOME and super refreshing to see. No excuses needed at all, and hawtness is just a bonus. :D

And I'm totally okay with allllll kinds of sexual and non-sexual relationships, romantic, platonic and anything in between. :D I'm permanently like... THERE ARE AS MANY KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS AS THERE ARE PEOPLE, WHICH IS LIKE 7 BILLION KINDS. WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO LABEL THINGS AND MAKE RULES FOR THAT. WUT.

I didn't write any fic for that fandom, I'm not much of a fic writer except for crack so I gave up early, lol. But thank you soooo much! ♥ I'm happy you like it! :D

Edited at 2012-11-24 10:59 pm (UTC)
24th-Nov-2012 01:28 pm (UTC)
Oh this would be a wonderful show (despite the girl focus >:) ). Fantastic cast, FREEMA ♥ and also Katee! and why does it not susprise me to see Claudia?

LOLed at your ship war, I can see you have witnessed some as that was quite realistic, haha :D
24th-Nov-2012 05:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Lol at the girl focus, I think I don't have to wonder what your fandom would look like. ;)

Yeah, I had to include ALL the actresses I love. Otherwise this exercise would be kinda pointless, right. ;D

And the ship war, actually, that took me a long time as I haven't witnessed so many - you know I stay away from things like that - but I'm happy it's realistic. :D
24th-Nov-2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
Nicely done! WOOT!
24th-Nov-2012 05:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D
24th-Nov-2012 08:06 pm (UTC)
Great fandom!I love the cast!
I made some icons for your fandom.

25th-Nov-2012 06:55 am (UTC)
OMG, wow! Love them, they're totally cool! Thank you so much! Now I really want this to be real so I can use them. :)
25th-Nov-2012 09:41 am (UTC)
Where and when does this show air? ;-)
25th-Nov-2012 01:21 pm (UTC)
LOL, if it were up to me, as soon as possible. :P
27th-Nov-2012 11:39 am (UTC)
omg Jac, I'm not even kidding...

I was a pile of heartwarmed goo on the floor
3rd-Dec-2012 07:37 pm (UTC)
This sounds like such a fun show to watch. I love your casting and the variety of characters, and the idea of the houses wielding the real power is great.
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