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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Musical Madness galore - entries for LOA challenges 13 and 24 
27th-Jun-2012 05:48 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
This entry is all about music. It includes art for the musical episodes of Buffy, Sanctuary and Scrubs, as always lately, a little Warehouse 13 and one tumblr graphic for Farscape (anyone remember that little J/A vid I made some time ago? With lots of kissing? This is for the same song ;) ).

First of all, I don’t listen to music at all except very sporadically when I drive. I don’t really know why and yes, I know I’m weird, I’ve been called that repeatedly. ;)
But even weirder is that I do love song lyrics, which is why I do watch (and occasionally make) music videos sometimes.

That’s why the second challenge wasn’t that hard for me, even though I had never made a tumblr graphic before. Turns out I quite like making them, they’re not as small as icons and not as large as wallpapers. Nice middle.
And for the first challenge I just chose musical episodes of shows I knew. Sorry for all you Glee fans, but having to watch a whole musical show would be a bit like torture for me, so that won’t happen any time soon. ;)

Anyways, here are my entries for the musical challenge (Buffy, Sanctuary and Scrubs):

And my entries for the lyrical tumblr challenge (Warehouse 13 an Farscape)

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