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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
71 gifs of H.G. Wells from Warehouse 13 for Land of Art challenge #5 
30th-May-2012 11:06 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
My entry for Land of Art challenge 5. The objective was to make art for our favourite show, which would be Farscape in my case, but the fact that I've already made so much art for that and that I'm obsessed with H.G. Wells from Warehouse 13 at the moment cumulated in me combining that obsession with this challenge.

Meaning, I wanted to gif every single scene with Helena in it. Or at least all the important bits. And her being generally gorgeous and adorable. So instead of the required 10 gifs for this challenge, I made 71. Hope nobody minds. ;)

Oh, and there are spoilers up to the last episode of Warehouse 13, so be warned!

How it all began (and what a wonderfully exciting beginning it was)

And we meet again (am I the only one who thinks these two are incredibly hot together?)

Working together (finally! YAY)

Rare comfort from Artie

Back at the warehouse!

A few general looks and gestures (you see what I mean when I say adorable, right?)


A little reprieve before the grand finale


Love wins in the end (I really was not able to come up with a title for this that didn't sound cheesy, but that's basically how I see it. *squee*)

The end?

Don't walk away from your truth

Couldn't hurt a fly

Pete being a party poop

'We made a great team' 'We did... I just wish you'd realized that sooner' 'So do I' (ME TOOOOO!!)

H.G. Wells? (I've watched these scenes for about 23.000 times and I still find them HILARIOUS! :P)

'How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?' 'I wish I knew'

'I believed in you and I was right' 'Righty-ho then, Wells and Bering solving puzzles, saving the day' 'Bering and Wells!'

Hugging it out with Pete

Final moment (and one of the best final moments I've EVER seen on TV *sob*)

This last gif is quite big, so I broke it down into two separate gifs too:

Also, I've made a video about Helena trying to make amends (it's mostly Helena/Myka), to the song ‘Savin’ me’ by Nickelback, which I thought was a perfect song for the two of them. It's not at all as good as I hoped it would be, but my video editing program was a pain in the butt and didn't let me do what I wanted to do. Still, I kinda like it.

That's it from me, hope you enjoyed it!
30th-May-2012 07:59 pm (UTC)
You are a gif making star! These look wonderful.

Also those two characters (the two women) are the only reason I might ever watch that show, but since they don't actually get together it just seems like it's a set up for sadness.

Edited at 2012-05-31 04:41 am (UTC)
31st-May-2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thank you, you actually kinda started this whole thing off with posting all your Olivia gifs, which I took as justification to gif even the slightest gestures. ;)

And yes, this (kinda, sorta) ship is definitely a good reason to start watching the show, even though they didn't even give us a hug between them :(. But they are great together and even though it ends ultimately (still holding out hope for the next season, but not much), it's still a great ending. And till the next season starts I'll stay in AU shipper-fic heaven. :D
31st-May-2012 12:57 pm (UTC)
I love each and every one of these!! Thank you for sharing~ :)
31st-May-2012 02:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Glad you liked them. *squee*
31st-May-2012 02:59 pm (UTC)
Eeee, these gifs are awesome! Oh, HG. All my feelings. ♥
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