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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Entry for Farscapeland Challenge 06 - I hate, therefore I am 
10th-May-2012 10:30 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
Okay, I finally did it, I tapped into my evil side and wrote these up. No pictures, because frankly, I was quite happy having the chance to write again after all the graphics challenges I’ve done lately.
So thanks for this opportunity and I have to say, once I started I really quite enjoyed it. I think my evil side might be bigger than I thought. Muahahahahaha!!

So main character – big surprise there – Zhaan.

I think I already kinda hated her the first time I watched the show, mostly because of her fantastically written dialogue. I mean, seriously: ‘Perhaps together a warrior and a priest can help save each other.’ Please!
Her sermons got on my nerves, but my biggest problem were that most of her lines seemed repetitive and cliché. That was sometimes funny ‘my artery system does not seize up’ comes to mind. But the most I hated her was in ‘Till the blood runs clear’, when she gets the photogasms and forgets all about John and D'Argo, and in the end just off-handedly shatters John's hope for still getting the chance to recreate the wormhole thing. OMG, baaad!
So yeah, she was my least favourite character and I have to confess, I didn’t really care when she died – seriously, I didn’t even notice it the first time I watched it. In my defense, I did a few other things while watching that episode, but still, it’s on my all time low list and by the end I was soooo bored, I didn’t care a bit about what happened. The second time around I tried to pay more attention, and I even choked up a bit on her death scene, but still…

Soooo, how do I want Zhaan to suffer? I think a funny kind of torture would be something along the lines of a microfic I read once, were Stark, inspired by John, gives Zhaan a few flowers for Valentine’s day and she reacts all like ‘NOOO, how could you have murdered them?’ LOL So I’m thinking a little trip to the flower shop or a greenhouse, where someone puts together a lovely bouquet in front of Zhaan would be a fitting torture for her. Hehehe

Minor character (male) – Jenek
I thought about this for quite some time, because there’s a difference between those characters that are just eeevil and I love to hate them and to wish terrible deaths upon them (except Jenek, Durka and Salis are worth mentioning here) and those characters whom I hate because they just get on my nerves (the monkeys in I Yensh, You Yensh come to mind).
In the end I decided to opt for loving to hate, and that would be Jenek above all others. Seriously that guy gives me the willies every time I watch those scenes with Aeryn. The way he talks, one moment in a sweet tone as if talking to a child and the other moment just cold heartedly ordering to cut the foetus out, brrrr. And the burning of the other woman’s embryo. I mean, I know it’s not real, but I’m pretty convinced he’d do it for real in a heartbeat and he’s probably done things like that lots of times.
But the thing that creeps me out big time is the way he always touches Aeryn. I don’t know if it’s a ‘you are my property’ kind of touching or if he just does it as a way to intimidate her, but it’s just absolutely unnerving.
Bottom line, he’s a creepy, cold hearted bastard and the fact that they denied Chiana even a little measure of revenge in that internal mivonks scene just adds to my hatred for him. I sincerely cheered when he went booom and I very rarely cheer at a characters death.

Seeing that this death was perfect, I opt for torture again. I’m picturing Akhna having him in that torture cage she had Scorpius in, leaving him as defenceless as Aeryn was, having to endure the torture. She’d be taunting him with sweet talk and false promises and she could do some unspeakable things to his internal mivonks. I won’t be going into details as that would go into an NC-17 direction, but that’t the general direction in which my thoughts went. *evil cackle*

Minor character (female) – Varla
I think the Nebari are about the scariest villains there can be. They are methodical, passionless killers who’d do everything for their greater good. And Varla is a good example for that.
I’d hate her just for making Aeryn torture Pilot :’(, but add to that the sheer hatred she has for Chiana and her willingness to torture her, and that makes her a really creepy bad guy.
The fact that she sincerely believes that everything she does is essentially good and to help others, just makes her even worse. Also her voice always sends shivers down my spine and I’m definitely not a big fan of her ripping-the-eyeballs-out hobby.
Again, the way she talks to everyone like their children and she is a loving mother who just wants their best is the thing that always gets me the most. Remember that scene where Aeryn patches her up and tries to convince her that Chiana is not a threat? Seeing Aeryn being so gentle with anyone is unnerving and with such a b*tch of all people, that’s big time disturbing, especially considering the whole torturing Pilot thing. :’(

Well, while he death wasn’t as great as I would have hoped for, I think I would like more to see her tortured. Maybe someone could rip her eyeballs out (yes I know that doesn’t work on Nebari, but just bear with me here, okay? *grin*), brainwash her and make her do unspeakable things to others? Maybe helping the resistance by freeing people and acting all anarchistic? Saving kittens and being generally nice to lower beings without any purpose at all, best case scenario even hurting the Nebari cause by doing it also comes to mind
And of course after that remembering what she did. Otherwise it wouldn’t be much good, right? ;)

So this is it from me, now I'll go purge my brain from all this hatred by watching Out of their Minds. :D
10th-May-2012 05:01 pm (UTC)
What worries me is that I find giving vent to my dislikes quite a delightful experience and yet I am such a lovely person! :DDDDD

Loved this Jac, I chose Zhaan too so we are in sync there and I totally loled at the torture for her! That fic must have been a hoot!

Jenek I never hated but I can see what you are saying - I always took him for a mindless brute typical of his own race..

Varla! that is very original, again one that I never really thought about but, you are right, the Nebari are totally scary!

Thanks for entering and for letting your dark side out for me! :)
11th-May-2012 03:03 am (UTC)
Ah, another Scaper sharing the Zhaan-love, LOL. I so agree with you.

And Jenek, yes... I so see what you're saying. I've seen him explored further in fanfic and it really brought out his terrifying side.
11th-May-2012 12:58 pm (UTC)
Any time you need help to go and catch Varla, give me a shout, because I'll be more than happy to lend a hand! :-)
Reading you comment about that scene with Aeryn gave me - again - the creeps: that is indeed worse than any torture scene the authors could have imagined. And to Aeryn! Grrrrr....

Jenek... Jenek is somehow like a Borg: he does what he does without emotion, just because it has to be done. Which makes him more scary than a more... classical villain like Scorpius.

As for Zhaan... Well, seeing how much she's hated I tried to understand why and came up with a theory: aboard Moya everybody acts in a self-serving way sooner or later - even Saint John Crichton :-) What makes it worse for Zhaan, IMHO, is who and what she is - a priestess, a spiritual creature that SHOULD be above it all, yet isn't. Probably this is the reason for the hatred I see when she's mentioned.

Great analysis. Congratulations for the... inventive ways to get back at your hated ones.
It does feel good, doesn't it? ;-)
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