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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
Another 7 questions by jsfunction 
3rd-Apr-2012 08:19 pm
Us with Nichelle Nichols at Fedcon
Thanks JS for these wonderful questions. I think these were the ones I wrote the longest answers for, so prepare yourselves. LOL

1. What's your favorite color in icons?
Blue. Especially soft blue with a hint of purple like in my recent default icon.

2. What type of icons would you like to learn to make next?
How to make the colors soft and still keep the image sharp and how to overlay textures over the images / blend in textures with the images without making the images blurry or barely visible. That’s a big problem I have a the moment and I’d love to learn how to do that the right way (still waiting for those tutorials – gonna keep bugging you till you post them ;)). Also I’d love to make simple but great looking icons like these, especially the category and the AC ones
– can’t really tell which techniques were used, but making icons similar to those would definitely be my goal (tutorials again, PLEEEAAASSEE LOL).

3. Which do you prefer, chemistry, physics, or maths? If you only have to choose one. I KNOW IT'S HARD.
Yeah it’s hard, I HATE all of them! LOL But I guess I’d choose physics, just so I could understand my fiancée better – he has a PHD in theoretical physics and really likes to talk about it.

4. Who's your favorite band or artist?
Nickelback. Seriously, I like everything they do. And Within Temptation.

5. What do you hate most in fics (OOC, Mary Sues, bad grammar/spelling, cliches... or something else entirely?)
SEX!! LOL Well, to be honest that would be my answer. I just can’t stand sex, especially when it’s described vividly how he’s touching her. *shiver* Not good at all – being touched, especially on naked skin is something I just can’t stand so I hate to read about it. Hey, there’s a reason most of my friendships are online friendships. :D

6. Would you like to be part of elite icon comms one day, or would you say no even if they specifically asked you to join?
Oh, that’s a difficult but very interesting question I actually asked myself these days. I think I’m just about to concede to the fact that I AM an iconer. And I think it will take quite some time for me to get good enough to join an elite comm. But yes, I think I would like to apply one day, if only because I’d like to see if I can get in. The whole ‘you have to match our style perfectly or you won’t be accepted’ is, as bad as it is imo, actually quite intriguing from a scientific point of view. I mean I’d love to make a bunch of icons in their style and see if I get accepted, just so I can say ‘see, I knew it’. LOL

7. Every writer has at least one great fic or original story idea they haven't had the time/inspiration to start yet, but would like to write one day. Tell me about yours, if you do have one! :)
Oh, I have A LOT! Most of it is fanfic though, or at least in some small way inspired by a tv-show (I have this whole elaborate story based very loosely on one episode of ST:Voyager). That said, I like to leave the canon untouched, like I said, I lack the imagination to go non-canon, but I LOVE to imagine what happened after the series ended (that’s the reason I NEED a happy ending – if someone I love very much doesn't get a happy ending, the whole show is pointless for me – *cough* BSG *cough*). Since I guess you’d like it to be something you know about, meaning Farscape (most of my story ideas are Chuck related atm), I’ll stick to that.
The biggest one I have is little D and two siblings (Livvie and Jack – I like it when children have family names) coming to Earth and meeting up with Luke, Rani and Clyde from the Sarah Jane Adventures. I think that would make a great story, they could quibble about who saved the world more often, who’s the better shot and so on and so forth. Obviously Rani would have a sweet spot for Jack and Clyde would be jealous, while D and Luke would get along great as ‘leader’ of their respective group and Livvie would feel left out. :D
Yep, I thought about that a lot, but since I’m not a writer it’ll probably never see the light of day. LOL
3rd-Apr-2012 02:46 pm (UTC)
OK I admit I totally blanked out on the icon questions but the writing ones were really interesting!

Jac you should totally write them - first of all I have read your stuff and it is good and secondly I think it's just nice to get the stuff out of your head and on paper even if you never show it to anybody ever! :) I find writing really cathartic!

Yes, I know I should mind my own business...off I go doing that! :D
3rd-Apr-2012 04:01 pm (UTC)
Well, actually I really like having these ideas in my head. :D I can play around with them as much as I like. Also, writing is really NOT cathartic for me. It's HARD and I pretty much hate it. So as much as I love to play out stories in my head, I will never ever write them down - okay, I have written some of them down, but mostly writing is NOT what I do for fun.

Yeah, I know, like I said, I'm afraid I have to concede to being an iconer not a writer. :(
3rd-Apr-2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
Omg, these are all great answers!

But you make me feel all guilty about the tutorials again! D: which is understandable but LACK OF TIME D: (ok, this might be more convincing if I wasn't, you know, commenting on memes and doing them -.-)

Oooh, messdestruction is frelling perfection. I was just contructing my list of favorite iconers in my head one day and they were definitely on it ^^ My favorite set is this one, such gorgeous creativity.
Don't ask me how to make those colorings though, I didn't make those icons. I can only share my secrets, not someone elses ;)

Also PHD IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS? Can I marry him too?? :p He's like Sheldon Cooper smart then right? I have huuuuuge admiration for theoretical physicists. HUGE! I've read countless books of it just for fun but sadly can't study it cause two challenging subjects are enough, and I think those books are still 'dumbed down' for public, I miss the formulas :p

Ooooh, interesting choice for least favorite fic thing, totally unexpected but I get it! :) It's actually cool that there's at least someone else who isn't all about the smut!

Your story idea sounds cool, I say go for it if you have time! I also have no idea how you define a 'writer'. You've written stuff, so you are one, right?

Edited at 2012-04-03 07:43 pm (UTC)
3rd-Apr-2012 04:25 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I like making you feel guilty. LOL But yeah, I think I have to browse that tutorial side a little again to find some of the things I really want to do. The problem is, I'm not good at browsing, I lack the patience for it. :P

And rowboat says he's flattered! :D And yes, he totally IS Sheldon. Actually that show made me come to piece with some of his antisocial and weird behaviour. Because as bad as he might be, he's NOT as bad as Sheldon. And I reckon, neither are you. ;)

And LOL about the smut, yeah, it's good to know there's someone else who doesn't like it that much.

Also I'd say you define a writer as someone who actually likes to write. Which I definitely don't, except for meta - I love writing meta, that's why I like these memes so much. :D
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