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I don't get out much, so I watch Science Fiction
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13th-Mar-2013 09:47 pm - [sticky post] This place is Friends Only!
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Most things I ramble about here are, well, rambly :D, and some of them are quite personal so I've decided to f-lock most of it. When we've talked and you want to add me, just do that and I'll add you back. When I don't know you from somewhere, just comment here and when we have things in common I'll add you. :)

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2nd-Mar-2017 11:31 pm - 20 icons for tvcharacter20 round 75
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20 icons for tvcharacter20, most of Claudia and Claire (Warehouse 13), because I love them so much and there are no icons of them around that I could find, so I decided to make my own. And I can always use some more reaction icons, so I made those for the author's choice.

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I've decided to make an advent calendar again, this time a little different. I took technical prompts, types of blebses and types of graphics, put them in a list, randomized each of those lists and got one graphic to make with one type of blebs and one technical prompt for every day.

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23rd-Nov-2015 07:51 pm - Bingo Card 2 for Fourcornersland
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My entry for the second bingo in fourcornersland. There was a graphics card and a writing card and I tried doing the writing card until the last minute – well, probably even longer than that, because I'm pretty sure the challenge is over, but it was extended for a week (I think) and I made the graphics card right after the extension but then still waited with posting because I still had ambitions toward the writing card.

But alas, didn't work out, so I only have two fics for the writing card and one meta piece which will go up on Blibli Blogging soon.

But I still wanted to post the graphics card, even though I'm likely not getting points for it and the two fics of the writing card.

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21st-Sep-2015 12:54 pm - Bingo Card for Fourcornersland
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I love a good bingo challenge! I filled the card with six picspams, one wallpaper and three fics. Fandoms are: Orange is the New Black, Sense8, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Stargate Atlantis / Stargate SG-1 (crossover), Star Trek Voyager, Animorphs (book series). Two of the squares also double as entries for squares at Ladiesbingo.

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My entry for Two to Tango at Game of Cards.

For this challenge, I decided to write the first of what will hopefully become a whole series of blog entries to our blog Blibli Blogging that are different from what you’d normally expect blog posts to be.

These posts will be from the perspective of a person living in the far future, in a society in which power has been completely abolished and the only value is individuality. This first entry will deal with romantic relationships, particularly with the question why those relationships always have to be between two people.

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The following is r-rated, as I talk about sex quite a lot, as well as masturbation and sexual abuse / rape (though I do not specifically name rape).

Asexuality. You might have heard this word, this concept. It means not being attracted sexually to any specific sex or any specific person. And therefore it means that asexual people never have sex with another person. Yes, you heard that right. A person who is asexual does not have sex. Ever.

We don’t want it. We don’t get anything out of it. If for some reason people who are not sure about being asexual still have sex, mostly those reasons are being pressured by a sexual partner though sometimes asexual people can say that they are just being curious as to what all the tam tam is about, it is better for them to identify as asexual afterwards, or to identify as greysexual if they want to continue having sex.

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8th-Feb-2015 12:15 am - First fic for femtropebingo
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Prompt: Mistaken Identity
Fandoms: Lost Girl, Being Erica
Characters/Pairing: Lauren Lewis and Cassidy Holland
Rating: PG
Summary: Cassidy breaks her foot and has an interesting night in the ER.
Author’s Notes: I took the mistaken identity prompt and wrote a fic I already had in my head since I’ve watched Being Erica in which Anna Silk plays a lesbian artist who later mentions having a girlfriend named Helen, of whom we know nothing other than that name and my headcanon just went with that and had a lot of fun - or more like a lot of sads, but yeah...

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27th-Dec-2014 06:42 pm - Dear Galentine’s Author
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First off, thank you for writing for me, I am sure I will love whatever you come up with. :)

In general, I love fluffy, lovey dovey stories, cutesy stuff. I love children, so if you feel inclined to either write past fics for the characters as children or fics for the characters who are actually children, I would love that. But anything about any of the requested characters would be awesome. I love character studies, fics in which nothing really happens, just the characters thinking, friendship fics.

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24th-Dec-2014 07:38 pm - Advent Calendar 2014 - Door 24
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Last door! Santa Blebs is coming! Since we are celebrating Christmas and opening presents etc. on Christmas Eve where we live, the last door is a big big bag of presents for my Bli, brought, obviously, by Santa Blebs. :D

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